Got a lot of money for Xmas?

if the answer is yes and you are afraid of people stealing your well-earned Xmas cash from being so nice throughout the year this is the wallet for you.

this wallet is virtually indestructible! it is being sold by Alfred Dunhill the classy london based clothes and accessory lines.

This wallet will only open with your finger print. It has a biometric reader on the front. Not only that, but it can be synced to your phone and you will be alerted if they are 5 metres away or more from each other. The exterior of the wallet is constructed from highly durable carbon fibre that will resist all but the most concerted effort to open it, while the interior features a luxurious leather credit card holder and a strong stainless steel money clip. There is an Alfred Dunhill logo on the front and Dunhill etched in the leather on the inner pocket.


This wallet retails for £600 from Dunhill stores.





Happy Holidays to all!!

Merry Christmas to all of you out there…. hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy New Year!!


instead of just leaving you with a message not to drink and drive and enjoy your drink responsibly (even though i just did)

I’m going to show you some cool logos which have been transformed for christmas.


Google is the main one here with a jingle.

you are greeted with the usual white google page, which then allows you to click on the ‘G’ and it will flash black and you will be shown what you see below. After you click on all the letters of Google, a jingle starts playing, the stars start flashing and then it takes you to Happy holidays search

Uncrate the cool blog site for gear went for adding fairy lights to their logo keeping it pretty simple.

Not many sites have actually done anything special compared to Google when it comes down to the holidays but it could be because i am searching on Xmas eve. I might be surprised tomorrow with loads of changes.

Xmas idea no.7!!

Time for a bit of clothing to hit the Christmas list! This clothing line is not only good as a Christmas gift but one all year round.

I came across the brand when I was at Glastonbury Festival and I have been in love since. I think it is the little personalized feeling to every bit of the process. Monster Threads are the brand. They are a group of people who have an eye for great art that fits well on t-shirts and hoodies for men women and now babies.

They choose artists from around the world to design art for their t-shirts which are only sold online and at their festival stalls.

The experience that stuck by me the most was inputting my info on the mailing list. they didn’t have a simple pen and paper… no-no…. they took a much cooler and innovative route…. type your details on an old type writer. Simply Amazing!!

Not only that but whenever you buy something from them, you will receive a hand signed message on the receipt that shows that love and care still goes into their clothing. Another cool concept they have added, is that whenever you buy an item they will give you 10% cash back. so basically a £20 t-shirt gets you £2 for your next purchase.

So whenever you see this cool looking panda, you will always know it is Monster Threads. Take a look at their website which you can click on below and do some buying.


Xmas idea no.6!!

If you live alone, you like good music and your neighbours don’t mind it either this is the gift!!

if you live with people who don’t respect your music choices I’ll post a link further down that would be perfect.


So back to living alone…. have you ever wanted to hear your music so crisply but also use your dock when it’s not in use as a piece of art. The B&W Zeppelin Air is the one!!!

Bose tries but fails in the aesthetics department, but then came along Bowers & Wilkins started in 1966 in a little shop in West Sussex UK hand assembling speaker systems for clients. Nowadays it is a massive chain of stores for quality delving into the many areas of the music industry.

the Zeppelin air doesn’t look like a sound dock. not in the least….. I will go as far as saying it is the coolest looking, most modern yet keeping the classic, simple styling.

isn't that just beautiful??

Acoustically speaking, the shape was set to help with sound dispersion. and now with new mid range speakers it has supposedly even better sound dispersion. if you really can’t keep your hands off your iPhone, you can stream your music via airplay or from any Mac or PC with iTunes installed.

And with Airplay, it also allows you to connect more than one of these beauties in different rooms if you can afford more than one that is.


down to the price…. I have seen it priced at £462 but there might be cheaper and obviously there will be more expensive so do look around. And if anyone is feeling generous, I would love one!!



oh! and for those living with different music lovers… these are for you…. B&W

Xmas idea no.4

This is for someone who wants to show s/he is extreme in everything they do.

This backpack looks like a neatly wrapped parachute encased in titanium. The ‘Solid Gray’ backpack isn’t really made of titanium but a light weight polymer making it really sturdy and light at the same time. It looks really REALLY cool! It is shaped as a folding hard-shell with a laptop holder and a clip to stop your important papers from getting squashed at the bottom which we all hate. And when closing the bag it has an audible snap so you really know your stuff is safe.


It comes in either grey or white with black or white straps.

It retails at €119 and can be bought from here.


Another Xmas gift idea!

Here is another one for Xmas…..

this is mainly for the foreign people because us Maltese don’t get any snow. Maybe it can be modified to shoot sand!!

This is the crossbow snow launcher. This bad boy will put all great snow ball makers to shame. It can shoot snowballs up to 60 feet. Just put snow in the snowball press and it will mould it into three perfectly shaped snowballs. Push the snowballs into the chamber and make your enemies quiver in their snow boots.

Snowball launcher




Christmas is soon upon us!!

Xmas is soon here… and the search for presents has to begin somewhere. Sometimes this can give you a headache… but not anymore!

here are some ideas for the gadget lovers out there and the dreamers too. I will be posting a new gift idea right up to a week before Christmas Day.

the first gadget is a retro looking house phone known as the Sagemcom Sixty.

This product brings back the old skool rotary dialer in an orange slim line case. Fear not… you are not going to be transported to the 1960s. It’s a cordless DECT phone with 10 hours of talk time, a 50m range, and modern flourishes including voicemail, contacts and a speakerphone.

It retails at: £80 or €89.90 and can be found at Amazon.