Singer reveals All-Terrain Competition Study

Singer Vehicle Design has teamed up with renowned 911 rally specialist Tuthill Porsche to create an homage to Porsche 911/959 Safari rally cars of the 1980s for a long-standing client who wants to go rallying.

The rich client commissioned two machines, one – in Singer’s iconic Parallax White – focused on high-speed desert rallying and a second – in Corsica Red – configured for high-speed, high-grip tarmac events and disciplines. Taking a 964 as a donor vehicle, before being stripped and rebuilt as perfect as possible.

All panels are carbon-fibre with clamshell opening at the front and rear with subtle hints to the cars it’s based on – from an homage to the Rothmans livery under one clamshell to the rear spoiler shaped like that of the 959. The use of carbon fiber allows Singer to reduce overall mass and, for this car, to offset the extra weight of the roll-cage. On each corner, there are double 5-way adjustable dampers with long range travel, meaning every bump no matter how big will be absorbed nicely.

The engine has been tuned, now running a twin-turbo setup with a power output of 450hp using a five-speed sequential dog-box for flatshifting putting the power down to all four wheels.

Inside, the All-terrain Competition Study reflects the demands of off-road racing. FIA specification seats and harnesses sit within a full roll cage. The car is equipped with a race GPS navigation system while both driver and navigator have access to in-seat rehydration systems.

The man who commissioned this fantastic vehicle could have easily wanted to keep it as their own, but he has agreed that the results of the All-terrain Competition Study will be available to others who wish to equip their cars with this off-road capability.

So, if you have a lot of money and want to take your Singer to where roads don’t exist, you now can.


Volvo P1800 Cyan: Re-imagining an icon

Cyan Racing, the racing outfit created to compete with Volvos in the 1990s in Touring Cars has reimagined the iconic P1800, a Volvo sports car from the 1960s. First revealed in 1960, the P1800 was never continued and Christian Dahl, CEO and Founder of Cyan Racing wanted to change that.

“That left us with inspiration to create what could have been if we as a race team had been there during the sixties, racing the P1800, and got to design a road version of our race car.”

The design of the vehicle was to remain true to the iconic car, with all of Cyan’s expertise put towards the engine, aero and chassis design. It has been refined and reinforced with carbon fibre for structure components that are joined to high strength steel. This helped the team to keep the weight down to 990kg.

It is as raw of an experience as it would have been in the 60s, there are no driver aids whatsoever and the engine is the four-cylinder, turbocharged two-litre engine out of the World Title winning Volvo S60 TC1 race car, with 420hp and a redline of 7,700 rpm.

That race engine is paired to a bespoke five-speed Holinger gearbox that will carry the mechanical feeling of the original, but more precise and able to hand the increased torque. The original live rear axle has been replaced with a Cyan designed independent rear suspension and to help put that added power to the road, the tem have put in a torque-biasing limited slip differential.

The suspension is fully adjustable with custom aluminium uprights, double wishbones, two-way adjustable dampers with Cyan hydraulics. Prices and bespoke specifications haven’t been revealed as of yet, but it will be interesting see another reinterpretation of a great vehicle on the road.

Rolls-Royce Wraith Kryptos – the car with ciphers

Tesla owners play games on the screen of their cars, but what if the car itself was the game? Rolls-Royce has created the Wraith Kryptos Collection incorporating a series of secret messages. The lucky 50 owners will be able to try to solve the complex ciphers that evolve throughout the car.

It may sound like the designers have had a little too much time on their hands during lockdown, but ciphers can be traced back millenia capturing the imagination of some of the world’s brilliant minds.

Rolls-Royce states that to those who aren’t aware of the ciphers, it is “an alluring design purely for aesthetic purposes and devoid of any discernible pattern.” But to those in the know will spend time trying to crack the code.

It is so secretive that only two people at Rolls-Royce know the resolution of the sequence – the designer and the CEO, with the answer placed in a sealed envelope in a safe in the CEO’s office. If any of those 50 owners actually try to crack the code, they can submit their efforts through the Rolls-Royce Whispers app. So what actually makes this Wraith stand out?

The Spirit of Ecstasy is engraved with green enamel detailing, recrafted front bumpers draw the eye lower whilst the bespoke Delphic Grey paint holds its own secret. Only in sunlight do the fine blue and green mica flakes appear. This is further accentuated with a double coachline painted in Kryptos Green and Dark Grey.

Inside, the theme continues with Kryptos Green accents against a Selby Grey or Anthracite leather interior. Instead of the double R embossed on the headrests owners will have elements of the cipher embroidered onto it. Look up to the roof lining and instead of Rolls’ famous starlight headliner there is a beautifully elaborate, bi-coloured headliner depicting an in-motion data-stream inspired motif. Will it sell? I am sure of it. How many of the 50 owners will try to decipher it? Probably none.


Lamborghini Reventon Roadster

Have any of you seen the advert released by Lamborghini?

it wasn’t given much hype when released and it seems not many people got to see it.

But to me this is one of the best adverts i have seen in a while and its all about probabilities. Its simplistic and at the same time brilliant. I can go on how lovely the car is and how very few of us will be able to see one in the metal let alone drive one.


check it out here: