Melomania Touch – new wireless earbuds by Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio, a British brand well known for its high-end audio equipment, has released its latest version of wireless earbuds – the Melomania Touch building upon its first version the Melomania 1.

These new wireless earbuds have custom 7mm drivers further enhanced with graphene to help provide the dynamism and response needed for the sound quality of deep controlled bass, realistic voices and clearer highs. Built with Bluetooth 5.0 and the latest AAC and aptX codes allowing for high-quality audio streaming.

The engineers have included two microphones and Qualcomm’s Clear Voice Capture noise cancelling technology to ensure that phone calls remain focused on the voice rather than the surroundings. Perfect for all those Zoom/Teams meetings.

All-day wear isn’t a problem, with each earbud tipping the scales at just under 6 grams and three power modes will allow up to 9 hours of use on a single charge. And if your day goes longer, the supplied charging case will offer up to a further 41 hours of listening.

As with most new headphones and earbuds, the Melomania Touch earbuds offer Transparency mode which feeds in ambient noise so you can be aware of the surroundings whilst still enjoying the high-fidelity music. The Melomania app allows you to customise the sound just the way you like it, through EQ settings and tailoring music playback to your individual style as well as locating the buds if you ever misplace them and check each bud’s battery life.

Melomania Touch is readily available priced at £129.95 and is offered in either black or white.


REVIEW: Cambridge Audio G2 Bluetooth Speaker


The Cambridge Audio G2 Bluetooth speaker is much like the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chilli. Small, but packs a massive punch. About the size of an iPhone 6 plus, it is packed with technology. NFC connectivity for starters. If you are unfortunately not blessed with NFC on your phone, you will need to use the Bluetooth connectivity. Phone and laptop connect almost instantly after a quick and easy pairing session. Considered as a ‘Class D’ amplifier, this little unit offers a lot of power for very little size as well as longer battery power and cooler operating temperatures.

The G2 has a trick up its sleeve. Not only does it allow for 10 hours of playback but you can plug your phone in and it will act as a portable charger.


Build Quality

Black aluminium mesh on both the front and back wrapped in a black metal casing. Six rubberised buttons adorn the top and a rubber anti slip pad sits on the bottom. It is a very sturdy piece of equipment which will look good on show no matter what colour you choose.  Readily available in Black, Champagne, Red and Blue. Red and Blue are both limited edition colours. The people at Cambridge Audio are proud to have their equipment built here in the UK since 1968, following one simple belief; “Music should always sound amazing.”

Voice Calling

When using the voice calling option on the G2 with both a standard call and a FaceTime audio call, the call was very clear on both ends however the receiver did tend to hear an echo of their own voice which can be somewhat tiresome.


Party Speaker

If you have a second Cambridge G2 speaker, you can wirelessly link both of them for double the sound. Priced just a hair under £100, this portable speaker is definitely punching above its weight-class. Buy it now from here and fill your house with sound.


Driver: Two speakers and two bass radiators

Connectivity: Bluetooth connectivity with NFC for instant touch pairing, 3.5mm AUX jack

Input Connection: Bluetooth/ AUX/ NFC

Battery: 10 hours

Dimensions: 189 x 67 x 55 mm