SPIED: Mercedes GLE 63 AMG coupe


A virtually undisguised Mercedes GLE 63 AMG Coupe has been spied testing before its potential unveiling at the North American Auto show in January 2015.

Following the new design language, the GLE 63 AMG has a single bar grille and aggressive air intakes. The roofline swoops down at the rear giving the crossover a sporty look. At the rear, the GLE has taken cues from the new AMG-GT with a boot-mounted spoiler and a quad exhaust system.


The new GLE is the replacement for the current ML. This name change came about a few months ago when Mercedes renamed their entire model series to make them a little more complicated. All new SUVs will carry the GL nomenclature before being followed by the model letter I.e. A, C, E and S.

Even though Mercedes-AMG have recently unveiled their new 4.0litre twin-turbo V8 which sits in the new C63 AMG and the AMG-GT, the GLE is expected to have the older 5.5litre V8 pushing 518bhp and 700Nm that will have to be tuned to compete with the BMW’s 575bhp and 750Nm.

Mercedes are looking at breaking into the crossover market, trying to steal away some of BMW X6’s sales which have averaged at around 40,000 units per year.



Photos courtesy of WorldCarFans


Mercedes C63 AMG teaser

recently I was given the opportunity to test drive the monster Mercedes. The 6.3l AMG C-class. unfortunately until the review is published in the newspaper I can’t post it here. but I can post some of the photos.

Now this car isn’t one to be messed with. it may look pretty normal but, I’m telling you when you start it up, it’s the meanest sounding machine. it isn’t a pure sound like a Ferrari. it is more of a naughty and dirty growl. The car rumbles, it doesn’t sing. Putting your foot down, the car wiggles like a wild animal charging its hind legs ready to pounce. Then it just GOES!! I haven’t driven many fast cars but this was quick. I think the fact that it’s a super car in an executive suit gives the false impression that it can’t be that fast.

As soon as the article is published I will post it here for all of you to read.

but for now……. drool over these: