Yet again…… something from Porsche Design

Here it is…. the new blackberry designed by Porsche Design.

It isn’t actually called that, they gave it some fancy mixture of letters and numbers:  P’9981. it is a co-branded product by Blackberry and Porsche and if i’m completely honest, being an Apple follower this product is something very cool and would not shame the Apple brand name.

It has a 1.2Ghz processor so she doesn’t only have a pretty face. It also has full HD camera, 8GB of storage which is expandable and the new Blackberry 7OS.

All this tech is fitted in a slick forged metal casing with a full QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen.

To give you a small idea of the price, the phone has its own concierge service.


if you haven’t guessed the damage to the wallet yet…. i’ll give it to you….. $2,000.



Add a little fun to the Blackberry crisis

Everyone who is using a Blackberry knows that there has been some problems with the internet these past few days. RIM seem to be saying that they are clearing the backlog which caused the crash.

I had seen a clip off Ronnie Corbett‘s show ‘The One Ronnie’ which reminds me of the situation Blackberry users are in at this very moment.