Seiko Astron X Honda e: WATCHES

The Honda e is a quirky city car, the brand’s first mass-produced EV and one that seems to be impressing journalists the world over, is now getting a special edition watch with only 300 to be made.

Seiko teamed up with Honda to create a watch that truly represents the ethos of the Honda e. Using Seiko’s Astron series, the GPS Solar watch connects to reset the time if needed to an accuracy of 1 second to every 100,000 years as well as offering the ‘Time Transfer’ function that allows the wearer to instantly switch from home and destination times between the main and sub dial at the touch of a button.

Unlike any other special edition watches made for car launches, the Seiko Astron X Honda e is very minimalistic. In the design of this edition, the circle has been used giving a clean aesthetic as seen in the Honda e. The only time someone will know it is truly a special edition is when they flip the watch over to look at the case back where they will be met with a titanium back cover that looks like a Honda e wheel with the limited number.

Due to be released on September 26th, the Astron has a 45.3mm ceramic and titanium case with a Nakadome strap as well as a replacement fabric strap that reflects the interior of the Honda e. It is set to cost 540,000 Yen plus tax so expect it to cost £3,830 plus VAT in the UK.