Pop art is back in a big way. LEGO has designed a selection of sets that celebrate pop art and go from being a toy to a piece of art that can be displayed. Think Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, Star Wars and Marvel Universe characters that you can build out of LEGO and display as art in your home or office.

Each of the four sets include a signature tile unique to the set that is worthy of any true work of art, and a new hanging element to make them easy to hang up and switch around. Each of these sets also come with their own soundtrack to help fully immerse yourself during the relaxing build process as according to research over 73% of adults search for ways to relax. If your artistic juices flow during the process, each of these sets can be reimagined in a number of different ways.

The LEGO Art sets measure over 40 cm and contain between 2,933 and 3,395 pieces. They will be made available from August 1st for most of the world while Americans can order theirs from September 1st with prices at £114.99.