Samsung AirDresser: MUST HAVE

Keeping clothes, be it suits, shirts or delicate fabrics clean and cared for is a time consuming business that many can’t afford to give up. Sure, pay someone to iron your shirts and have your suits cleaned but what if that can all be done at home?

Samsung has tapped into this industry with the AirDresser, a groundbreaking way to care for clothes. It prolongs the period between washes, less stress is put on fabrics ensuring garments last longer. It has a bespoke ‘Jet Air’ system and ‘Air Hangers’ that keep clothes fresh by shooting air to loosen and remove ingrained dust deep within the fabric. ‘Jet Steam’ another system sanitises clothes by removing bacteria whilst the ‘HeatPump’ dries clothes at a low temperature removing the worry of shrinkage and or heat damage.

The AirDresser is 515 x 1950 x 745 mm and weighs in at 97 kg but should easily fit into a large wardrobe or possibly freestanding in the room thanks to its stylish Crystal mirror finish.