If you thought 2020 couldn’t get any weirder, two brands I never thought would collaborate have created a ride-on lawnmower of all things.

Mansory, the brand for bringing the mad customised vehicles and BSTN Premium Sportswear, Germany’s leading source for premium sportswear which has been at the forefront of Jordan releases for generations have come together to create this one of one customised lawnmower. The story goes that Tinker Hatfield, famed Nike designer was inspired by a ride-on lawnmower when designing the Air Jordan XI.

The BSTN GT XI is a unique ride-on lawnmower with custom-made carbon body parts, a lavishly designed leather-carbon seat and a leather-carbon steering wheel, typical features that can also be found on all other complete conversions from MANSORY.

In addition, the colour silver – the traditional colour of a 25th anniversary – finds its use on the GT XI just as selectively distributed as the various Jumpman, BSTN and MANSORY logos on the entire GT XI.