Rubberbandits – Horse Outside – YouTube

Rubberbandits – Horse Outside – YouTube.

Came across this video yesterday. After I watched it a couple of times I couldn’t believe how catchy it was haha. Two pikeys with plastic bags as masks go to their mates wedding and try to get with the bridesmaid by showing off that their horse is better than any car.

Just watch!!


R.I.P. Steve Jobs

As i sit here and write this on my Macbook, i can only wonder what the world would be like today without such a great man. everything we use in our everyday lives was created and moulded in some way by the great man himself.

The news of his death early this morning comes as a shock to many followers of the Apple brand. A man who created the brand in his adopted parents’ garage and was then later ousted for his visions of the future. from there the man created Pixar who you can thank for great films like ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Finding Nemo’ but then got bought by Apple and helped the company rebrand and take over the consumer market.

He leaves not only his wife and four children but a whole a community of users who had no idea how good life was using an Apple product from something so small as a might mouse and the ipod nano all the way to having your whole life on the iPhone and Macbook.