Spalding Kobe 94 Series Silver Basketball

Spalding has announced its special edition basketball in honour of the late Kobe Bryant who lost his life alongside his daughter and seven others in a helicopter crash in January 2020.

The Limited Edition Kobe 94 Series Silver basketball is said to celebrate his ‘Mamba Mentality’ and the process of Kobe’s daily transformation from a player with unmatched focus and determination, to a loving husband, father, coach, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author.

Constructed with a mamba snake skin embossed composite cover, it features Kobe’s signature embossed in silver alongside his number ’24’. The colour way is said to represent the continuous growth and renewal of Kobe Bryant.

Get this great piece of memorabilia for $125 from Spalding’s website.


Park guell and Barcelona v Sevilla

As you guys may have guessed I am in Barcelona for a few days.

Today was quite a busy day. Headed down to the famous park Guell. This park is an open space where the architect gaudi was free to go a little mad and design his own back garden. He built a house which should be in a fairy tale. All the seats are covered in mosaic designs which are beautifully finished and are surprisingly ergonomically supportive.

There were a few street performers which to be perfectly honest added to the whole experience. It built up a relaxed atmosphere so you felt that this is a place you can come and let time pass you by as you stand and admire art.

After that, I was lucky enough to get a ticket to watch Barcelona v Sevilla. This is my first experience in a stadium so large.
My first thoughts when climbing to my seat is this stadium is pure insanity. The amount of people that are seated are around 95,000. Even though I was a cheapskate and got the cheapest ticket I managed to watch the game perfectly fine. Maybe not seeing blades of grass being sheared when a defender goes in for a tackle but able to watch without distraction.

Lets just say the game didn’t end as i expected. would have loved to see a goal or two but in the end had to be satisfied with a saved penalty from Messi and two red cards ( for the Sevilla team).

it looked like Messi wasn’t on top form giving away some simple passes but every so often during the match, his magic seems to start firing up and the history of the beautiful game is rewritten.




Gaddaffi really dead?

Sitting on the plane delayed before takin off for Rome then Barcelona I read on the BBC that gaddaffi has been killed in a gun battle in sirte, his home town. This town which was one of the only places in Libya that he pumped money into turning it into a fort has fallen to the rebels and now we might be seeing a new Libya rising up from the ashes like a Phoenix.

Going to be doing anything naughty this weekend?

If you are thinking of being a naughty boy or girl on the road this weekend, i am hoping that you wont see this in your rearview mirrorThis is a new undercover police car being built by an American organisation called EVI. This organisation is run by an ex secret service agent so he knows what he wants in his car for a chase. No details of the cars power or the tech going into it have been released just yet but as soon as they do be sure to check out the update.


Doesn’t it look mean?

do you think it will be for the english motorways? maybe the german? or is it even coming to europe?


only time will tell!

for more photos of the beast check the link below

Is this the world’s scariest police car? – BBC Top Gear.

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

As i sit here and write this on my Macbook, i can only wonder what the world would be like today without such a great man. everything we use in our everyday lives was created and moulded in some way by the great man himself.

The news of his death early this morning comes as a shock to many followers of the Apple brand. A man who created the brand in his adopted parents’ garage and was then later ousted for his visions of the future. from there the man created Pixar who you can thank for great films like ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Finding Nemo’ but then got bought by Apple and helped the company rebrand and take over the consumer market.

He leaves not only his wife and four children but a whole a community of users who had no idea how good life was using an Apple product from something so small as a might mouse and the ipod nano all the way to having your whole life on the iPhone and Macbook.