Porsche presents two new eBikes

Porsche is expanding its range of e-mobility products and introducing two new eBikes – the eBike Sport and eBike Cross.

These two electrically assisted bikes are developed in collaboration with Rotwild using the latest generation Shimano motor and fitted with Magura high-performance brakes. The full-suspension carbon frame featuring an organic shape inspired by the flyline of the Porsche Taycan. The elaborate design, developed by Studio F. A. Porsche, ensures optimum reflection of light.

The Sport is perfect for daily rides, whether in the city or countryside, on the way to work or enjoying some free time, whilst the Cross is at home in the countryside, off the beaten path and away from roads.

The Porsche eBike Sport has a clean and compact cockpit with brakes integrated into the handlebars. The puristic design is emphasized by M99 LED lights embedded in the handlebar stem and seat post from lighting specialist Supernova. The Cross on the other hand is slightly more rugged with extra large Magura-MT Trail high-performance brake discs , while the mechanical Shimano XT 12-fold shifting system enables fast gear changes according to the rider’s needs and the terrain.

When Porsche Design gets involved in projects, the level of detail is second to none but that is also reflected in the price. The Ebike Sport comes in at £9,600 whilst the Ebike Cross comes in at £7,650.


Xlite 100 – the new era of bike lights

Being visible whilst riding a bike is vital, allowing other road users to see that you are on the road. But as with most gadgets nowadays, you need to be ready to check they are fully charged ahead of each ride and to turn them off when you stop.

The Xlite 100 is a smart bike light that turns on when you start moving thanks to gyroscopes and light sensors working to accurately adjust the light to your every move. It will switch on under motion, flicker while you ride and dynamically brighten when you brake, decelerate and will turn off after 60 seconds if the bike is stationary.

With its large internal 400 mAh Li-ion battery, the Xlite 100 will last over 20+ hours on a single charge and has an IPX5 water resistance rating, so no need to worry if you are out when the heavens open. It can be mounted on the saddle or on the seatpost depending on preference.

Envo electric snowbike kit

When it snows bicycles aren’t really much use. Especially if it is a heavy snowfall. Envo wants to change that with its Envo electric snowbike kit.

It converts your basic bicycle into a sort low rent snowmobile, with an electric snow track at the back and a snowboard up front, it gives riders the freedom to tackle 20% inclines on hard ice, deep powder, slushy or groomed terrain.

With the 17.5Ah battery pack and 750W motor, the range of the snowbike is up to 50km at a speed up to 20km/h which can be activated with a thumb throttle that gives you an extra boost activating the motor proportionally to the twist regardless of pedalling in case you cannot pedal.

The kit to make your bicycle into a working electric snowbike is $2,091.75 and doesn’t include the bike frame, but if you have got this far not knowing that, maybe this piece of equipment isn’t for you.

Adidas is back in cycling after 15 years

The Road Shoe is the first shoe from Adidas for professional road cyclists since 2005. Cycling had been something close to Adi Dassler’s heart when he started making cycling shoes in the 1950s in the iconic white three stripes on a black silhouette.

Consultations with cycling communities in London, Los Angeles and Germany highlighted that the culture of cycling is changing and showed a greater demand for versatile products that fit into lives on and off the bike. 

The shoe looks familiar, similar to that worn by Pelé in 1958 – the Copa Mundial. It uses recycled material with added fiberglass elements to provide stiffness to the soleplate, without added weight. The upper is made with a high-performance PRIMEGREEN upper, made from 100% recycled material, while the lace tightening system and toggle ensures that cyclists of all levels of experience are able to lock in and achieve a perfect fit. 

The shoes are available now for £130, with more colourways being added in 2021.

Reevo – Hubless bicycle

Marketed as the coolest, most secure ride ever built, the Reevo hubless e-bike looks like something out of a sci-fi film. Stealthy in looks and with all the elements you need for riding around a city all integrated, it is smart too.

Fitted with a removable 48V 10.8Ah battery in the frame as well as a 250W motor in Europe or a 750W motor in the US, you can reach speeds of 25 kmh or 25 mph depending on the region. It has adaptive pedal assist where it detects road gradient and pedalling parameters to to provide tailored assistance.

One integral feature to this bike, apart from the fancy looking hubless wheels is its security features. It has a fingerprint sensor that locks the rear wheel integrated in the frame itself, making it a lot harder to steal. Along with that, the bike is fitted with a chip to alert you if your bike is touched or moved. Because of that chip, you are able to track the bike anywhere in the world if it moved.

How about riding in the dark I hear you ask? Well It has an ambient light sensor that detects darkness and automatically turns on the 800 Lumen headlight and taillights automatically. It even has built in indicators to show drivers where you want to turn.

The product is up on Indiegogo but has already smashed through its goal of £38,695. It is actually at £860,406 worth of backers meaning these bikes will come to market.

The bike has a 27.5-inch wheel and is currently priced at a special price of $1999 instead of its usual $3349. These bikes will start shipping March 2021.

Ducati e-Scrambler: A new type of electric bicycle

Ducati is getting into the e-bike game. Now it isn’t a new electric motorbike but a bicycle. Teaming up with Italian bike manufacturer Thok e-bikes to create an urban e-bike that takes inspiration from Ducati scramblers.

Fitted with a 504Wh Shimano battery pack and a 250W Shimano Steps E7000 motor with 60Nm of torque. There is no word on range as of yet but expect it to keep you going for a fair few miles. It is fitted with an 80mm Suntur XCR 34 spring-loaded fork and together with Sram Guide T-4 calipers brakes make the e-Scrambler the ideal bike for the city streets and to enjoy country roads. For the urban rider, the e-Scrambler has a luggage rack, mudguards, and lights whilst elements from mountain biking are featured such as a drop seat so that riders can sort their seat height on the go.

Painted in yellow and black, it reminds me of a JCB, and gives the impression of something sturdy that will keep working for years to come. Cost of the Ducati e-Scrambler? €3,699.

VanMoof S3: Electric bike for the modern day commuter

Cycling used to be for dads that donned a little too much lycra to cycle around country lanes after watching the Tour de France. Nowadays, with people refusing to pay the extortionate fees to travel to work on an overcrowded bus/tram/tube/train are exploring two wheeled options.

Cities around the world are implementing more cycle lanes meaning cyclists are safer and potentially can even get to work faster… but nobody really wants to get to the office needing a shower, do they?

That’s where e-bikes come in. Some may say it’s cheating but who doesn’t like a little boost when that morning coffee hasn’t kicked in?

The VanMoof S3, winner of the Best of the best Red Dot Design Award 2020 is just that. A stylish electric bike that will take you to and from the office with ease. At 19kg, it may not be the lightest bike to lug around, but then again your legs are assisted by a 250W front electric hub motor with a range of 60km or 150km if left in Economy mode.

Built with VanMoof’s updated straight-tube shape the S3 is ideal for riders that are between 170 – 210cm tall. Featuring a matrix display of 166 LEDs fitted in the top tube, riders are able to toggle between displays showing current speed, battery charge status, power assist level and current gear.

The front-wheel smart hub electric motor now has a more compact housing whilst amplifying the rider’s pedal power by four times it makes cruising a delight. And if you need a quick squirt to get away from the traffic lights safely, there is a turbo boost button to give full torque instantaneously. And when it runs out of battery, it can be charged to 50% in 80 minutes or full in four hours.

With that in mind, the need to change gears becomes ever apparent with the added boost so the team at VanMoof have come up with an electronic gear shifter for seamless riding. Four gears have been meticulously set up to tackle any urban incline you may face with ease.

Every piece of new tech comes with an app and the S3 is no different, letting riders unlock their bikes with a simple one-touch as well as setting custom gear shifting, locking the bike down remotely, tracking rides and location if stolen and customising the light, unlock and alarm settings.

Leaving an expensive bike locked up everyday in the same place week in week out can be quite worrying for many, so VanMoof have come up with ingenious defence mechanisms to ensure your bike doesn’t get stolen. Fitted with a multi-phase alarm to ward off potential thieves, the ability to remotely lock down the bike, the innovative kick lock integrated in the rear hub lets you block the rear wheel and can disengaged when the bike recognises you via Bluetooth connectivity to your phone. If all that fails and your bike still gets stolen, VanMoof has its very own bike hunters, which will return your bike to you within two weeks or replace it and over 70% of thefts have been returned so far.

Get your hands on a VanMoof S3 for £1,798 here and ride in peace knowing that it’s protected from theft and you will get to work smelling fresh.