Ultimate Garages

If you had unlimited stashes of cash, as a petrolhead how would you design your garage?

would you make it feel like its part of your home or would you make it an area specialized for caring for your super cars.some people have shown their super garages for their super cars. you may have seen these in the person if you are lucky enough, but for us who weren’t born on a bed of money we will have to do with looking at the pictures.

Some of them love their cars so much, they have made their garage an integral part of their house and cars sitting their like some people have fine paintings.

Some pay homage to their car’s history whilst others turn their garage into their own showroom.



Lamborghini Reventon Roadster

Have any of you seen the advert released by Lamborghini?

it wasn’t given much hype when released and it seems not many people got to see it.

But to me this is one of the best adverts i have seen in a while and its all about probabilities. Its simplistic and at the same time brilliant. I can go on how lovely the car is and how very few of us will be able to see one in the metal let alone drive one.


check it out here:


Going to be doing anything naughty this weekend?

If you are thinking of being a naughty boy or girl on the road this weekend, i am hoping that you wont see this in your rearview mirrorThis is a new undercover police car being built by an American organisation called EVI. This organisation is run by an ex secret service agent so he knows what he wants in his car for a chase. No details of the cars power or the tech going into it have been released just yet but as soon as they do be sure to check out the update.


Doesn’t it look mean?

do you think it will be for the english motorways? maybe the german? or is it even coming to europe?


only time will tell!

for more photos of the beast check the link below

Is this the world’s scariest police car? – BBC Top Gear.