Third Rock Fire Pit

Fire pits are normally a couple of stones placed in a circle with loads of firewood. Very primitive, but has worked for thousands of years.

Rick Wittrig the designer of this new and might i say really cool fire pit, must have thought that normally fire pits are boring. so he went ahead and designed one in the shape of the world. with the all continents cut out.

it is made 1/4 inch carbon steel which makes this beast pretty heavy. The use of this amount of steel is to ensure that the pit remains useful for years to come. the interior of the pit is covered in heat-resistant pain and it also has a rain drain at the bottom, so this bad boy can be left outside all year round.

each Third Rock fire pit is individually numbered and signed by the designer.

its available for continental USA only  from here.

it is priced at $1,679.



Car Film Posters

Ever wanted a minimalist film poster that is depicted by the car?

Moviecarposters has brought all the classic and the more recent films together with these lovely posters of the iconic vehicles.

They all measure 11.25″x17.25″, and are professionally printed on high-quality gloss paper.   But the fun of going on to their site is to see how many films you can guess from the posters. I got some straight away but there are some which I have no clue about. It’s a fun way of learning about iconic car films as every poster has a signature quote to help you guess.


I have my eye on the James Bond DB5 poster which would look great hanging on my wall (anyone?)

All of the posters are readily available from their website which I will give you below and the posters are very reasonably priced at $10.


check them out here: Moviecarposters


Stealth F1!

The title of the post may be a little misleading…. but i know you guys will have a look.

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Stealth is an all black watch….. when i mean all black i don’t mean the mean looking Rugby team but everything from the dial to the hands are black. The only touch of colour is a slither of red on the tip of the chronograph hand.

It’s a 42mm size which is normal for most TAGs. The case is all black titanium with a carbide coating.

This watch is for someone who respects the TAG brand but doesn’t want to stand out, or even ill go as far as saying this is the watch for casual occasions such as going to the beach or watching the F1 on the yacht in Monaco.


There is no price just yet but don’t expect it to be affordable for the masses.


Tribute VESPA

This limited edition ‘Tribute’ Vespa designed by Digital Veneer, takes its style from the iconic 1960s Riva speed boats.

This already stylish scooter is transformed into a unique piece of art. The body work has a mahogany mirror finish with a traditional leather seat which is hand stitched. Every model has a limited number silver plaque.

this can be only made to order.


Tall paintings

Whenever i am bored mainly in lectures i tend to procrastinate, and the best tool for that is stumbleupon.

I came across this cool video of artists creating paintings by simply pouring paint in the same spot over and over again until it sets and creates beautiful modern art.  It is a time lapse video and in the background you can see some of the other paintings/sculptures they have created.

Not all art needs to be kept on a canvas.