About SCDW


I’m Nikolai and this blog is a pet project of mine, posting whenever and wherever I can.

Some things to look forward to being cars, cool gadgets and whatever I find interesting on that particular day.

I am a passionate person who loves cars, gadgets and have time for interesting and quirky stories.When I say cars, I mean everything about a car. There is beauty in every part of a car. The shape of something trivial to a normal person has a purpose to a petrol head. It’s fun to find out what their purpose is and how a car benefits from it. I have now finished my Master’s degree in Automotive Journalism and in the big world of motoring namely working at PistonHeads.

Now Malta is a tiny speck of a country in the middle of the Mediterranean so many of you might not know where it is so I included a map. (Malta on the map)

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4 thoughts on “About SCDW

    1. Hi Clint, I am not sure whether these products are readily available in malta but can be easily found on the Internet. I am not sure what you mean by a black mat

  1. Hey Nikolai – I’m Helmut, it’s nice to meet you. I want to share a new gadget you may love, called earhoox. They are silicone earbud attachments which finally fix earbuds from discomfort and constantly dislodging! You can learn more about earhoox here: http://www.indiegogo.com/earhoox. Shoot me an email for more info – woud be a very interesting blog post for your readers.


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