Porsche Unseen – never seen before concepts

Porsche Museum has opened its doors and wheeled out some never seen before concepts, fifteen of them to be exact which vary from vehicles that could, have, should have been turned into production models to those so far out there, the designers were just flexing their creative muscles.

Porsche has for the first time published design studies from 2005 to 2019 which had until now been kept under lock and key. A book entitled “Porsche Unseen” is available published by Delius Klasing publishing house. Interested readers are given a detailed look behind the scenes of Style Porsche. More than 120 designers, experts for interior, exterior, colours and materials, model builders, modellers and study engineers work in the Porsche Design Studio.

The book is for sale on Amazon for £57.99 and the author goes into the details of each of these incredible design studies from the 919 Street based on the multiple winning Le Mans 919 Hybrid to the Boxster Bergspyder which was ahead of its time especially when manufacturers like McLaren and Ferrari are now cashing in on their own versions. There is the 911 Safari, to the Vision Renndienst to wilder Vision models. Any motoring enthusiast will be ecstatic to open this on Christmas morning.


Author: Nikolai Attard

Just a Malteser living in London, working as a PR/social media consultant and writing about things I find interesting on the side.

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