TAG Heuer Connected 2020: The smartwatch for the discerning gentleman

Watches, much like cars, often push people into two camps; those that obsess over their every minute detail, learning the history and understanding how each intricate part functions to those that simply use it as a tool, telling the time of the day, timing a sports activity or in the case of a car, getting from point A to B.

But with the influx of technology into our everyday lives, it was only a matter of time before it encroached to the wrist. Apple delivered its magnificent Apple Watch in 2015 which as Apple only knows how, showed the world that a smart watch is exactly what we need. Another company showing it knows how to create smartwatches was TAG Heuer, releasing its first generation Connected watch to the world at the end of 2015.

Since then, it has been working behind the scenes to bring classic styling of the classical watch world to the rapid connected world we live in now. The TAG Heuer Connected 2020 is just that. A watch that won’t look out of place in the boardroom or the gym.

Offered in a 45mm stainless steel or titanium case with ceramic bezel, with the option of a black rubber strap or steel with a folding buckle, the Connected watch is a combination of the refinement and elegance of a chronograph-inspired timepiece. Much like a modern Porsche 911, the team at TAG Heuer has incorporated modern visuals and connectivity from WearOS by Google in a classically styled silhouette.

Taking inspiration from the brand’s timekeeping heritage, watchmaking expertise and timeless designs, the dials include a three-hand skeletonised dial, a digitalised Carrera Heuer 01, a liquid crystal-like display, a unique algorithm-based neural network animation named Orbital, and a tribute to the hexagonal nanotube structure of the brand’s carbon composite hairspring, but realistically, it’s the three hand skeleton that will get the most wear.

On the screen, customers can choose between five always-on mechanical- or digital-inspired TAG Heuer watch faces, and can further customise each to match their unique style and needs. 

Offering the daily connected services from Google, the TAG Heuer Connected also enhances sports activities when connected to the new TAG Heuer Sports app, which provides detailed tracking for golf, running, cycling, walking, fitness and other sessions, thanks to the watch’s built-in GPS and heart-rate monitor, among other sensors.

The main worry that comes with smartwatches is always related to battery life, the Connected watch is fitted with a 430mAh battery said to last all day with a one hour workout session. To further extend the battery life of the watch, the screen alternates between active and ambient mode, but it always indicates time. If the watch does run out during the day, that isn’t an issue as it can be fully charged in 1.5 hours.

The TAG Heuer Connected watch is available now from TAG Heuer for £1,650 to £1,950 depending on your choice of case material and strap and is fitted with a magnetic battery charger and a bespoke travel pouch.


Author: Nikolai Attard

Just a Malteser living in London, working as a PR/social media consultant and writing about things I find interesting on the side.

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