60th Anniversary of Fiat 600


The Fiat 600 is an iconic vehicle for the Italian marque Fiat. In 2015, it will be celebrating its 60th anniversary.

A concept designed by David Obendorfer, shows what the little 600 may look like in today’s world. It follows a retro design language much like that of the reinvented Fiat 500.


Just over 4m long, it is perfectly positioned in the B-segment as a compact five-door hatchback. Most of the styling is taken from the rebirth of the 500 series with some of the original 600 styling cues at the rear. Indicators positioned on each side of the bonnet somewhat reminds us of the Nissan Juke.

With most modern cars taking a futuristic design stance, it is pleasant to see a car looking back at its heritage for inspiration. However, I do fear that this retro design language is something, which may grow old pretty quickly. There is no word whether this will ever make it onto the road but it is a beautiful celebration of the Fiat 600’s 60th birthday.

Word is that the Punto will be replaced in 2016 that could be called the 500 Plus. The model will be sold exclusively as a five door hatchback which is longer and wider than the current 500.

david-obendorfer-fiat-600-60th-anniversary-concept-tribute-dante-giacosa-designboom-02 david-obendorfer-fiat-600-60th-anniversary-concept-tribute-dante-giacosa-designboom-04 david-obendorfer-fiat-600-60th-anniversary-concept-tribute-dante-giacosa-designboom-05 david-obendorfer-fiat-600-60th-anniversary-concept-tribute-dante-giacosa-designboom-06 david-obendorfer-fiat-600-60th-anniversary-concept-tribute-dante-giacosa-designboom-08 david-obendorfer-fiat-600-60th-anniversary-concept-tribute-dante-giacosa-designboom-09 david-obendorfer-fiat-600-60th-anniversary-concept-tribute-dante-giacosa-designboom-10

Author: Nikolai Attard

Just a Malteser living in London, working as a PR/social media consultant and writing about things I find interesting on the side.

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