MUST HAVE: Raphael Lean essential wallets

Does your wallet leave a nasty square mark in your jeans and trousers? Do you have to empty out all the receipts from it every other week? Its time to throw your old wallet away and buy a Raphael Lean Essential wallet.

Hand crafted in Vancouver, Canada from a single piece of Wicket and Craig vegetable-tanned leather to create a tri-fold wallet, hand-stitched to give it that authentic feeling. Originally a KickStarter campaign, it reached its goal and the young James Raphael set about making his leather craft dream a reality.

old vs new
old vs new

There are four colour choices, the natural tanned leather which will darken with use, the medium brown which I went with, dark brown and black which will all age gracefully.

On receipt, the wallet came in a tiny box with a small leather strap to give you a slight indication to what might be inside. Just like most expensive goods, a certificate of authenticity was also included which was quite surprising for the small amount I paid for it. First few uses were a nightmare, the leather was very taut and hard to use. It would take a few minutes to take a card out of the centre fold which was worrying. Every time a card was needed, a battle would ensue. However after a few weeks of use, the leather has softened up and an odd battle between my fingers and my wallet does happen but it has now become a lot easier to gain access to my cards.


Raphael Quality goods will allow you to make the wallet your own. The company will laser cut up to three initials on the back side of your essential wallet.

This tiny wallet shows how much, well how little is needed. Simply four cards and paper money. Anything else can rattle in your pocket or can be left at home. The thing that is most puzzling, why I had not bought one of these earlier.

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Author: Nikolai Attard

Just a Malteser living in London, working as a PR/social media consultant and writing about things I find interesting on the side.

3 thoughts on “MUST HAVE: Raphael Lean essential wallets”

  1. How long did it take from when you ordered till you received? I ordered one but have not got any shipping info as of yet and no replies to my emails

    1. Hi Nick, it had taken a two to three weeks to arrive from Canada. But when I had purchased it, he was only a start-up and I had received an email stating that production may be slow due to the Christmas period. But the wallet is worth the wait.

  2. Hey Guys,

    We’ve ordered a wallet two months ago, and it hasn’t even shipped yet. They reply usually in a few weeks, always stating that it’ll be in the next shipment. Last week they’ve sent a tracking number as if the item was shipped, but it turns out they didn’t ship it just printed the shipping label and sent a photo of it. The communication on their end lacks basic business principles, and this move with the shipping label without actually shipping feels like they’re on purpose trying to mislead me – and even if they weren’t, how should I know of they don’t answer mails / fb mesages / website contact forms for weeks.
    Nice product, but I can not recommend buying anything from them.

    Mihaly Demeczky

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