Iguana Yachts

have you ever seen a boat that can drive up onto the sand without damaging its keel? No neither have I until I came across the Iguana. it was named after the reptile which adapts to its environment and this is what the yacht does.

It has fully retractable caterpillar tracks on its hull which you simply put it into use when it gets shallow enough to use and chug up the beach in style.

The IGUANA YACHTS company was created in 2008 by Antoine Brugidou, who was full of ambition to develop new technologies and sustainable products for motor cruising and boating in general.

If you feel this is the yacht for you get ready to fork out a hefty price of $280,000


Length overall
Maximal beam
Hull draught
Full height
Fuel Tank
Full weight
Maximal speed
Outboard version:
Hybrid version
29 ft
8.2 ft
1.5 ft
8 ft
910 Gallons (UK)
4,400 lbs
35 knots

300 Hp
300 Hp

check out the video below:



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