Which would you go for?

Now I made a deal with my friends that as soon as I reached 500 views on my blog I would do something special.

this post will be something a little longer than usual. These are the cars I think are designed for you guys.its a shame that most of them will never make it to production but to dream……

For Drinu this is for you:

Ferrari 340 Competizione 

This car was built to pay homage to the 1950’s Ferrari 340 Mexico. Normally a Ferrari not actually built by Ferrari would not even get a second glance but im sure this piece of muscle will have you drooling for hours. They take a Ferrari 456 GT keeping its 5.4L V12 and the old school clunky manual gearbox while gaining new aerodynamics, suspension, brakes, an interior that recalls the 340 Mexico.

Sorry to say but the price looks like it is a one-off.


For BB this is for you:

BMW M1 Hommage 

The M1 is a stealthy looking car, which was originally built-in contention with Lamborghini which was the only mid engined BMW to be built for the masses. And the Hommage edition takes all the magic of the original and gives it a more imposing sinister face. I am not sure what engine the Hommage uses but it would be nice if they took the original 3.5L straight six and tuned it a little bit to give it some more power to go with its added beauty.

For Nigel Z:

You seem to love the massive beasts from what you have owned so i think you will like this very much.

The Marauder 

This beast looks good on a war field. It’s an armored vehicle which can cruise at 120km/hr with an engine that has only 300bhp, but that’s not the number you should be looking at….. it has 1100 NM of torque meaning it can pull the sun closer to earth. Ok maybe not that strong, but can any of the other cars handle mines and can allow the additions of light and middle weight weapons along with missile launchers.

For my Cousin Dan:

The Eagle Speedster

The E-type in my eyes has always been one of the most if not the most beautiful looking cars in the world. Now they have updated it slightly to bring it to the 21st century.

It is fitted with Eagle’s 4.7L engine with their 5 speed manual gearbox. it looks sleeker, body has been pushed slightly closer to the ground giving it a more muscular feel and look. little details that make the car special, the hand brake and iPod connector have been hidden away to keep the flowing lines.

And lastly for Bon:

The Tata Nano 

A cheap car for a guy who goes through a car every year or so. Bon save your money and buy a couple of these. It’s rear engined 2 cylinder engine with 35bhp which has less power than my washing machine.

No need to worry about wasting a lot of petrol, no air con, no electric windows, only one wiper and no power steering.

and it all costs £1700


Author: Nikolai Attard

Just a Malteser living in London, working as a PR/social media consultant and writing about things I find interesting on the side.

7 thoughts on “Which would you go for?”

  1. The M1 is possibly the only real super car BMW has ever built. I’m in love with the original and this new and improved concept!

    Super Blog Nik!!

    You have to top this article once you hit 1000 views mate!

  2. I really like the retro look of the Ferrari 340 Competizione. It’s too bad that most people will think it looks like an old man’s car. Ha ha! The best place to own that car is Japan. 😀

    1. why would you say Japan? True some people might think its an old mans car but its stunning nonetheless. your blog is really cool. you need to come down to malta as we have the most ferraris per capita in the world.

      1. Because the Japanese are more willing to accept, appreciate and like this car for what it is, instead of criticizing what it has become, based on what it was. I can’t really say the same for Americans and Europeans.

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